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Want to go fast, go alone. Want to go far, go together

Salary & Benefit

We have Net salary, project bonus, parties for your special day, unlimited supply of coffee for your thirsty mind.

Team Building Activities

Who doesn’t love drinking, singing, travelling, carry out parties out of nothing? Not Osamers

Career Path

We have seniors to help you build up & pursuit a career path on cloud, based on your passion & competency

Personal Development

We provide resources & financial support for you to enhance your English skills, professional competency & certification.

Fast-paced Progress

We go global, and go quick. You will work under pressure, adapt daily, and change as much as the business.

Freedom & Flexibility

Your opinions are listened. Your attitude is appreciated. Your contribution is what matters in the end.

We’re Hiring

Are you

A Solution Architect who believes in power of cloud?

A DevOps Engineer who believes what can be automated should be automated?

A Software Engineer who wants to build an infrastructure management platform?

A Sales Executive who believes “the Earth is flat”, you can sell anything to every corner of the world?

A Marketing Executive who believes digital marketing is the future?

If the answer to one of the question is Yes, then…



Send your CV to admin@osam.io and we will contact you within 3 working days.

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