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We are the top company in Asia to consult and provide Cloud services

OSAM - công ty điện toán đám mây

who we are

We are a bold team of Architects and DevOps engineers with hunger for challenges and thirst for coffee.
We have been solving digital problems in various business domains since 2010 together and delivering professional services and satisfaction to our clients.

With a team of architects & developers certified by AWS & GCP, OSAM has the expertise and resources to assist companies in all aspects of cloud services, including cloud strategy, planning, design, architecture, build, test, deployment, security, operations, support, and optimization.

we believe in the power of cloud

We replace complex bulky server systems which are costly and risky by Cloud computing. Enterprises are provided a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet.

Whether your business is e-commerce, finance, education or involve trendy technology like IoT, BigData, …OSAM can help and make it even better, bring a more cost effective and rapid solution to your company.


our cloud community

With our passion of sharing knowledge and develop users community, we have founded Vietnam Cloud Community including many User Groups: AWS Vietnam User Group, GCP User Group Vietnam,…

We have organized Meetups and events with IT guys in Vietnam and supported community with our experts. Our future path is to create more value and fun for the community and based on what we have achieved, we will enhance impressive accomplishment and create more projects which work for the good of each individuals of the community.


85 %
200 +
$ 5000 K
POC Credit


All Osamers are required to have at least 1,000 “flight hours” before getting certified by Amazon Web Services

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“... Even in urgent times, they were all able to quickly provide support and solutions that effectively solved the issues at hand ...”
Le Anh Tuan
CEO Mywork
“... OSAM expert team was professional, highly skilled and came with a wealth of knowledge on cloud solutions ..."
Doan Hong Son
CTO Canifa
“... Their execution expertise with cloud services were key to building a platform that meet our requirements ...”
Shawn Tan
COO TicketBox
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