Osam profiles: Rocky

To enter Osam’s ultimate headquarter, you have to beat our vicious monster who is also our mascot: Rocky.   Who is Rocky? Rocky is a pretty little Cocker spaniel. He follows the trendy all-black outfit and scores as the fashionista…

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All Day DevOps 2017

What is All Day DevOps? All Day DevOps is a FREE online community responsible for creating the world’s largest DevOps conference. Our 2016 inaugural, 15 hour live online conference attracted 13,500 registered attendees.   All Day DevOps 2017 will offer over…

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OSAM Recruitment 08/2017

OSAM is a team of bold Solution Architects, Designers and Developers with hunger for challenges and thirst for coffee. Although OSAM is a young start-up, we have been solving digital problems in various business domains since 2010 together and deliver…

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Becoming an Amazon Web Service partner

As a young company with great ambitions, Osam always strives to develop members’ skills and tries provide the best service. Osam was originally born to develop the Amazon Web Services users group in Vietnam. We want to build and develop a strong, united and…

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Painting party

Every company need a motivation quote. Here at Osam, we need like 40. To decorate Osam’s ultimate headquarter, we threw a wild painting party so all members can become Picasso and create their own masterpieces. These works of art were…

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An Osam Trip

Even hero needs a day off It’s another summer here in Hanoi. Instead of watching sunrise at the beach,swimming in infinity pool and having fun at wild parties, Osam’s crew is here, writing codes, drowning in projects and dying for a…

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